Welcome to Photo~Art, creative photography by Linda Hoey

Thank you so much for taking the time to view my images, it is much appreciated.

About Me/CV
A graphic designer for over 25 years, I have always been a keen photographer and artist. In the last five years I have put together a personal portfolio of work and actively pursued public exhibition. Photographing local landmarks and nature, and combining these with images of man-made textures, I create images that are a hybrid of digital art and fine art photography. I feel this overlapping of images creates a sense of balance between chaos and order, ugliness and beauty. I also explore abstract art through a mixed media combination of digital media and acrylics. I feel this innovative digital manipulation of images is extremely inspiring and offers new scope for my creativity.

The digital nature of my work has allowed it to be produced and sold as canvas prints, photographic prints, greetings cards and also in a range of jewellery. I also have a keen interest and involvement in the new wave of pop-up art exhibitions being held in the local area. My work has also been exhibited in Atlanta, Georgia.

Education and Employment
Gaining an OND and HND in Graphic Design from Blackpool Art College plus a period of work placement in Glasgow, I have spent over 25 years working full time as a designer in the local area.

Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art. ~ Ansel Adams